Frequently Asked Questions

Crystal Composites are experts in glass fibre moulding with experience
derived from the boatbuilding sector.

What are the units made of?

Fire retardant sanitary fibreglass (GRP), tough and waterproof, the same material used to make boats

How do I know which unit will fit?

Please call us for advice or request a free no obligation survey – 07768 386463

How will the units fit through doorways and upstairs?

Units are supplied in panel form and are bolted together on site

Will I need builders to install the units or can I do it myself?

Your choice. Many competent DIYers do install these units. You’ll need moderate skills in plumbing and general building. Contact us for detailed advice

What are these units most suitable for?

Communal premises – flats, bedsits, hotels and guesthouses or additional guest bedrooms that require an en-suite bathroom

Are all the sanitary ware and fittings included?

Yes! All the fittings shown in the pictures are included along with external door and all the electrical items.

Will it look like a plastic box?

No – the units can easily be clad and decorated to match the decor of the room

Any questions? Get in touch today.

07768 386436